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Отзывы об отдыхе на Шира, озере Шира, озере Беле, озере Тус, Туимского провала
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One of my favorite teachers made homework be a thing for people who weren't getting A's on the quizzes.

Another teacher in grad school made the value of the final exam be equal to (100% - your grade for the class so far), with a maximum of 70% before that point. He encouraged qualified students to test out of the class by taking the final on the first day. Several did. One student wasn't familiar with one of the parts of the course, skipped the first few weeks, showed up for the part he didn't know, then took the final immediately after finishing that one part and Cheap Essay Service . Everyone else took it at the regular time. No one failed. Everyone was happy.
I did the same shit, and I had an extremely rough decade or so after I got out of highschool. I saw that you said your past this now, and I'm glad you're doing well. I mean technically so am I.
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